Identifying Signs of Rodents, Species & Preventing an Infestation

At Kingwood Pest we know how to identify signs of mice, rats, and how to get rid of these pesky rodents. Your home is your castle. The last thing you want to deal with is mice, rats, or other critters coming in to wreak havoc in your comfy space. Plus, rodents are known to carry harmful bacteria and viruses from area to area around a place they have made their home in. They carry pathogens that can cause illness in humans. You don’t want that to happen in your home for the health and safety of your family. 

What are Rodents?

Rodents are a type of warm-blooded mammal, types include mice and rats. They have very sharp little teeth and are able to chew and gnaw on different materials in your home. The most common damage they cause in homes is chewing on electrical wires, cable, and internet cables in the attic.

They can chew on items you or your kids love and can even damage the structure of the home itself. Damaging a home’s woodwork can be costly to fix, but damaged electrical wires can cause house fires. In fact, 33% of all home fires in the United States are caused by mice and rats chewing on electrical wires. It’s important to figure out what type of rodent is causing the problems to best treat and prevent their infestations. 

“In fact, 33% of all home fires in the United States are caused by mice and rats chewing on electrical wires”

Identifying Signs of a Rat or Mouse Infestation

Sometimes it can be hard to tell which type of rodent is making their home in your house, unless you’ve actually seen them scurrying about with your own eyes. When you call us, we’ll go through and analyze the droppings that we see from the animals, and the type of damage they cause with their teeth to best figure out the type. Some common types of mice that live in Texas are house or deer mice. 

For rats, it’s the Norway or roof rat that’s the most common in this state. All of these kinds of rodents look a little bit different with various fur colors and sizes. 

Rodent Extermination Process 

When our rodent exterminators come to your home initially they will work to trap, remove, and get rid of any existing rodents that are present. We do this with traps to remove the animal from your home and prevent re-entry once we leave. We don’t want to seal the critter in! After a couple of visits to make sure no other rodents are in your home we will proceed with identifying entry points on the interior, exterior, and roof of you home and sealing them. Our exclusion service comes with a one year rodent free guarantee, so if they come back within that time we’ll trap and seal your home again.

How to Prevent Rodents From Coming Back 

  • Trapping
  • Removal
  • Sealing

Our process to eradicate rodents from your property includes what we call a complete home exclusion to seals vulnerable rodent entry spots where mice, rats, and vermin can enter your home to stay warm. 

Mice especially can fit their bodies into very small openings that make your home easy for them to get into. That’s why it’s so important for these openings to be sealed to secure your home from rodents. We also seal off eaves or any cracks between siding, doors, or windows. There is special attention paid to crawl spaces, basements, or attics for spots where they can come in. All potential entry points are sealed off. 

Contact Us for a Free Rodent Inspection

If you suspect there is some type of rodent invading your house, give us a call today at Kingwood Pest. We are a fully licensed and family-owned pest control company with a team that is ready to provide you with a free rodent inspection and get rid of rodents in your home for good should our technicians find signs of their presence.