Home Exclusion

Home Exclusion Service

Our home exclusion service seals common entry points in and around your home to prevent entry or re-entry of rodents after an infestation. If you notice any signs of rodent activity or you want to prevent an infestation from happening with a professional exclusion service, contact Kingwood Pest and Termite Co to request a free rodent inspection or rat pest control in Spring, Humbler, Porter, or Kingwood, Texas

Contact Kingwood Pest online now or call us at (281) 354-5060 to request exclusion service or a free rodent inspection.

Trapping & Exclusion Process

We’ll come out to your home at a time convenient for you and look for signs of a mice or rat infestation. If our technicians find activity we’ll recommend rodent extermination and/or trapping, then the exclusion service once they are removed.

This work is guaranteed for up to one year. We call this our “Home Exclusion Guarantee.” If you see signs of the rodents again within a year, we’ll come back for another trapping session and to seal up any new holes around your home.

Sealing Common Entry Points

Signs of a Live Rodent Infestation

Signs of a live rodent infestation include but are not limited to rat or mice droppings in attic insulation, gnaw marks on food, food packaging, or wires. If you actually see a house mouse or roof rat in your home, you likely have a family or multiple families nesting in your home. If you experience any of these signs you need to call a professional rodent and rat exterminator like Kingwood Pest.

Contact Kingwood Pest for Home Exclusion Service to Seal out Rodents

Need a rat exterminator who can remove vermin and prevent rodent infestations in the future? Contact us to schedule exclusion service or a free rodent inspection in Spring, Humble, Kingwood, or Porter, Texas.

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