WDI Inspection

WDI Inspection – Termite Inspection

Looking for a local WDI Inspector with years of pest control experience? If you’re buying a home or property in Texas, the Texas Department of Agriculture requires a licensed pest control technician to complete a Wood Destroying, aka termite, inspection before you can close on the home. The WDI inspector will determine if there are signs of an active infestation or signs of damage from an old infestation (unknown or treated and covered up). If our termite inspector thinks that a termite bait system to prevent termites or termite treatment is necessary to treat an active colony, they will disclose the information on the WDI report. We conduct WDI inspections for home buyers and sellers in Spring, Humble, and Kingwood, Texas.

Request a WDI inspection with Kingwood Pest and Termite Co. An experienced termite inspector will come to your home and search outside, indoors, and in your attic and crawl spaces to identify any signs of a termite infestation. If any are found they will recommend immediate termite treatment options to stop them from destroying your home.

Any of 2,750 species of pale-colored soft-bodied social insects (order Isoptera) that live in colonies usually consisting of three castes: Reproductives (winged sexual forms), Workers (wingless sterile forms) and Soldiers who feed on wood, some which are very destructive to wooden structures and trees.

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Call (281) 800-5462 to schedule a WDI termite inspection with Kingwood Pest and Termite Co. We provide these government required reports needed for real estate transactions in Texas in Kingwood, Porter, Atascocita, Humble, and Lake Houston.

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