Restaurant Pest Control & Bar Exterminators

Restaurant Pest Control & Bar Exterminators

Kingwood Pest and Termite Co manages pest control and extermination for bars and restaurants in Kingwood, Spring, Humble, and Atascocita, Texas. We’ve served businesses and homeowners since 1980, and we hope you give us a chance to show you why we’re your best choice among local pest control service companies. Email us or call (281) 800-5314 to schedule a pest management program for your bar or request restaurant pest control.

Custom Restaurant & Bar Pest Control Management Plans

We create custom pest prevention plans as unique as each establishment’s vulnerability to infestations and rodent intrusion. We work to keep bakeries, cafes, and other food and beverage industry companies compliant with the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) and Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS). For reference, please see the Texas Food Establishment Rules Field Inspection Manual that details food establishment pest control compliance and the pest and rodent exclusion process with a checklist.  

Food & Beverage Businesses we Serve

We control and prevent pests at many types of food and beverage industry establishments including but definitely not limited to:

IPM: Our Approach to Pest Prevention & Management

We use the integrated pest management (IPM) methodology in our pest and rodent control approach. This approach means we don’t use insecticides unless there is no other choice, and we focus on prevention to anticipate infestation vulnerabilities before they happen.

Routine Pest Inspections,Benchmarking & Reporting

We routinely inspect high-risk areas and vulnerable areas and record the data so that a spike or increase in sightings doesn’t snowball into an infestation. We mitigate pest and rodent infestations by reviewing reports at a scheduled interval and developing a plan to execute should there be a sudden increase in the pest population.

Excluding Seals Entry Points & Prevents Infestations

We check for possible entry points around windows, doors, and roofing to identify gaps, voids, or holes and fill, or exclude them. Excluding restaurants, bars, and other industry businesses helps prevent rodents, rats, mice, and pests from entering in the first place.

After all, infestations don’t typically originate from within the walls of the building. Usually bugs, roaches, ants, or rodents piggy back their way inside and can reproduce quickly.

Schedule Bar & Restaurant Pest Control in Spring, Kingwood or Humble TX

Contact Kingwood Pest and Termite Co to request a free pest inspection at your business. Our pest control technicians will identify any pests, problem areas, and entry points to fill and provide a custom pest management plan to keep your business free of bugs and rats. We provide services to food and beverage industry businesses throughout Kingwood, Spring, Humble, and Atascocita, Texas.

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