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Mosquito Misting System Installation

Do you have a mosquito problem so bad that you’re afraid to walk outside? Kingwood Pest and Termite Co installs mosquito misting systems in Kingwood, Spring, Porter, and Humble, Texas. Our goal is to keep your family, customers, and tenants safe from the dangerous diseases these blood-sucking pests can spread. Mosquito misters, along with regular mosquito treatments in your yard, can vastly reduce and suppress new mosquito outbreaks. Installing a non-toxic mosquito prevention system offers a health benefit for you, your family, and your household pets. Because of our plant-based mosquito repellant spray and insecticide means they won’t be at risk of contracting blood-borne illnesses like West Nile Virus, Zika, and other horrible diseases they spread.

Contact us to schedule a free quote to install a mosquito misting system at your home or business. We install professional-grade CoastalMisters brand mosquito misting systems in backyards, front yards, bar and restaurant patios, and much more. Our mosquito spray treatment kills and prevents mosquitos effectively but is non-toxic. While it’s lethal to mosquitos, it’s just made of dried flowers that kill mosquitos and are perfectly safe for your family, kids, and animals.

Non-Toxic, Kid-Friendly & Pet Safe Mosquito Spray Misters

Our mosquito mister spray solution, pyrethrum, is made from dried chrysanthemum flowers which have been used as a natural insect repellant for centuries. While the flowers themselves repel bugs, the insecticide used to process the flowers is potent and effective so it kills any flying mosquitos. While pyrethrum mosquito insecticide is lethal to mosquitos, it’s eco-friendly and safe for your family and pets.

Automatic Mosquito Misting Systems for Homes & Businesses

Although there are mosquito misters that can be great DIY projects, a professionally installed mosquito control system is the best option. A professional knows how to efficiently set up the mister. This means installing it safely and securely.

A pro will also use a misting device and a botanical pyrethrum mosquito spray treatment that are proven for efficiency and safety. Our pest control technicians will also explain your options so that you have protection from mosquitos when and where you desire, within your budget.

Safe Mosquito Misters to Control Mosquitos

  • Mister – A mosquito mister discharges an atomized spray for three minutes or so across an elected target area. This ultra-fine solution of water and bug spray produces an undetected barrier for mosquitoes. This can cover land regions the size of 4, 00 sq. ft. or less.
  • Clearer – The specific mister is fashioned to kill mosquitoes as well as other insects like flies and gnats. Like the mister, the insects that come in contact after the misting is dispersed will face an invisible barrier. This kind of mosquito mister promptly eliminates biting bugs on your porch, garden, or lawn.
  • Controller – This special mosquito mister is designed for a long use. The controller can last about six hours, leaving the place free of mosquitoes and other insects.
  • Digital Timer – Each digital mosquito control system has a timer so you can schedule interval sprays like you would with your sprinkler system.

Digital CoastalMisters Misting System Specs

Every digital CoastalMisters brand system includes the Digital controller and an aluminum mounting rack. Additional Specs include:

  • 1⁄2 HP motor, 140 GPH pump
  • pump manifold with check valve
  • 1⁄2” intake line with filter, 3/8” return line with blowback valve
  • 55-gallon black poly drum containing the spray solution with vinyl seamless cover
  • Dimensions 44”x24”x24”

About Our Home Mosquito Misting Systems

Our residential misting systems are intended for outdoor pest control. The liquid mosquito spray is a botanical pyrethrum solution that is safe for people, pets, and plants. Each automated misting system comes with a digital controller, pump, tubing that connects to various misting nozzles, and a 55-gallon drum reservoir for the mosquito spray solution. We recommend setting the mister timers to spray 3 times a day for at least 30 seconds.

 If you follow the operating guidelines we outlined for our systems, you can enjoy your backyard patio, outdoor kitchen, pool, and yard without having to worry about mosquitos.

It’s an application technique built to squirt bug sprays in an ultra-fine mist. This is to wipe out mosquitoes and other insects outside the house. Misting systems consist of mist nozzles. They are fitted throughout the perimeter of the house, in the lawn, or in the exterior of the house—parts such as the fence. The mist nozzles are hooked up by tubes to a supply of bug spray. A number of misting systems can be switched on at predetermined durations with a timer, while others can be switched on with a remote control or a switch.

Safety and Precaution

Family members and pets could be subjected to bug sprays used in a mosquito misting system by way of direct contact with the sprays. You and everyone in the household can also be exposed by touching flowers, plants, and things in the misted area. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has evaluated the 

human health and ecological hazards of the bug sprays most often used in misting systems. The majority of pesticide sprays last only brief periods in the air so long-term exposure to people is not likely. According to its evaluation, the agency doesn’t expect risks of a health issue when these substances are used in outdoor residential systems. Nonetheless, disproportionate use or accidents can present risks.

Automatic Mosquito Mister Spray Systems by CoastalMister™

We install high-quality mosquito misters by CoastalMister to prevent mosquitoes in homes, on restaurant and bar patios, and at businesses. Contact us to learn more about these automatic systems you can program and control with a timer and remote control. CoastalMister mosquito misting systems are made locally in Houston, Texas near Harwin Drive.

Contact Our Mosquito Mister Installation Experts for a Free QuoteC

Call (281) 800-5462 to schedule an installation quote or to request misting system maintenance and repairs. You can trust our mosquito prevention experts to set up and install an effective mosquito spray system that’s safe for you, your children, and family pets.  If you’re in the northeast Houston area Kingwood Pest and Termite Co can have their mosquito control experts professionally install your mosquito misters. We’ll even show you how to set the timer, change the batteries, and operate the spray system. We are a family-owned and operated pest control company. If you’re looking for an expert that can handle your mosquito troubles, termite problemsexterminate bed bugs, contact us today.

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